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Olive Oil Emporium Online Store

Welcome to The Olive Oil Emporium Online Store
Retailer of the world’s FRESHEST Ultra-Premium™ Extra Virgin Olive Oils & Fine Balsamics

We are thrilled to bring to you some of the world’s finest examples of FRESH ultra premium extra virgin Olive Oil. For many years, we have been intrigued by the simplicity and richness of the Mediterranean cuisine and its flavours, but could never replicate the experience without some of the essential key ingredients such as a high quality extra virgin Olive Oil. Everyone we spoke with had similar challenges. Upon their return to North America from a visit to the Mediterranean or other olive growing regions, one could rarely find a comparable quality of extra virgin Olive Oil for their kitchen…until now! Conveniently based in Toronto, Canada, The Olive Oil Emporium Online Store ships daily to accommodate your requests throughout Canada and the continental USA. Premium quality Olive Oil delivered right to your front door - office or home!

As you browse through our product selection you will find a fantastic collection of premium quality gourmet extra virgin Olive Oils. It is important to note that each Olive Oil made from different varieties of olives will have its own very distinct taste, smell, and appearance. Even within different regions of the same country, similar olive varieties will have a different taste and bouquet.
Ultra Premium Olive Oil in Toronto | Olive Oil Emporium
What Sets Us Apart
Strictly 100% Premium Quality FRESH Extra Virgin Olive Oils
Authentic - Artisan - Fresh & Always Extra Virgin
Certified Ultra Premium™ (UP) Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Early in our search, we made the important decision that we will not carry just any olive oil we can access.

Don't be fooled by novelty olive oil shops. At The Olive Oil Emporium, we seek out some of the finest examples of regional flavours, olive varieties, and responsible production methods. We are serious about olive oil and our business. We don't look at olive oil as the latest trend, For all our varietal olive oils, Freshness and Chemistry are at the core of the decision-making and selection process.
In fact The Olive Oil Emporium is Toronto's ONLY supplier of  certified Ultra Premium™ Standard Extra Virgin Olive Oils! To learn more about this industry leading standard click here: Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

For this reason, our selection of Olive Oils does not include the generic brands found at most large supermarkets. These generic brands are often blended from olives of different varieties and qualities, from different regions, and sometimes from different year's harvests or different countries entirely. These supermarket brands are often with little flavour, from uncertain production times, and many of the health benefits are often non-existent.

We have carefully selected each of our products for their unique flavour profiles, versatility in use, and their superior, fresh quality. Every product in our site is a true reflection of the labours and passions of the individual producers and olive farmers. You will also be able to see on our site when each of our Olive Oils has been harvested, as well as the chemistry for all varietal olive oils at time of crush! 

While most of you are familiar with Olive Oil, we can confidently say that those who have experienced a FRESH, premium, authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, would never return to just any Olive Oil.

We are certain the flavours of our gourmet Olive Oils will leave you and your guests with the most memorable experiences, and the pleasure of engaging in a healthy lifestyle. 

The Journey Begins - Shopping for Authentic Olive Oils in a few clicks!
Experience Our FRESH  Extra Virgin Olive Oils From All Around The World

And now, we invite you to join us on a journey of culinary discovery, to recapture the essence of Mediterranean cuisine, and to experience the bold flavours of the Olive!

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